Aided Colleges

The Chandigarh Administration has allowed the payment of Grant-in-Aid to the various Privately Managed Colleges as per provisions of Punjab Education Code applicable in UT Chandigarh in order to encourage and extend the enterprise in Education. Such grants are given only for the purpose connected with secular instructions without reference to any religious instructions. This grant such financial aid is subject to condition that the said institution shall have the manage committee approved by the Education Department, UT Chandigarh. The said institution shall follow the pattern of syllabus and other criteria of admission as per the Govt. norms and any other condition as may be imposed by the competent authority as per the rules.

Accordingly 95 % of the salary expenses to teaching staff as well as ministerial for sanctioned strength of staff approved by the competent authority at the time of approval of such proposal (minus the receipt on account of Admission, Tuition, Hons. Fee, Tutorial Fee and Fines etc.) is released from the Consolidated Fund of India without any increase in the number of staff at any stage. Further the grant of above Grant in Aid is subject to audit by office of A.G.(Audit) once in the current financial year or as the case may.

Rest of 5 % such expenses on salary, expenses on the acquisition and construction of building as well as expenses on running the office etc. are met out by the management concerned from their own funds. Presently following Colleges have been covered under the above said scheme:-


Name of Colleges Phone No.
D.A.V.College, Sector-10 2743980
M.C.M.DAV Colleges, Sector-36 2603355
G.G.D.S.D.College, Sector-32 2613656
Dev Samaj College of Education, Sector-36 2603241
S.G.G.S.College for Women, Sector-26 2792757
S.G.G.S.College, Secotr-26 2792754
Dev Samaj College for Women, Sector-45. 2603497

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