Initiatives and Problems

Initiatives taken by Chandigarh for achieving UEE

  • Abolishing the fees, funds and Board exams at elementary level.
  • Providing free text books to all students Up To Elementary Level.
  • Providing free uniform to students Up To Elementary Level.
  • Providing Incentives/Scholarships, Excursion, Free Health Check-up etc. to Govt. Schools.
  • Providing freshly cooked midday meals comprising of Dal, rice, chapati and vegetables in all Govt. Schools.
  • Providing additional contingency grant to schools for upkeep and maintenance of educational facilities.
  • Providing Special Trainings to Out of School children.
  • Providing free and compulsory education Up To the age of 14 years irrespective of the abilities of children.

Problems in attaining in Universalization in Elementary Education :

  • Attainment of UEE is a formidable task because of the peculiar location of the city and migratory character of population.
  • Changing Socio Economic Structure towards lower class is resulting in more pressure on Government Schools.
  • Child Labour is difficult to be checked.
  • Scarcity of Land and Sites for New Schools.
  • Pupil Teacher ratio is rising due to shortage of class rooms.

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