Adult Education


The Adult Education Unit, Chandigarh Administration has set up 400 Continuing Education Centers under National Policy of Education for Literacy of illiterates and neo-literates of 12 villages besides Labour colony & slum areas which are run by 400 Preraks. These 400 Preraks are further supervised by 40 Nodal Preraks thus having 10 Preraks under one Nodal Prerak. All these staff members are working with the unit on part-time basis.


The main objectives of the scheme and the activities aimed under it include the following:- Main Objective
(a) Imparting basic literacy skills among drop out, left out fragile illiterates and such other groups.
(b) Provision of facilities for retention of literacy skill and continuing education to enable the learners to continue their learning beyond basic literacy.
(c) Creating scope for application of functional literacy for improvement of living conditions and quality of life.
(d) Dissemination of information on development Programmes and widening & improving participation of traditionally deprived section of the society
(e) Creation of awareness about national concerns such as national integration conservation and improvement of the environment, women’s equality, observation of small family norms etc. and sharing of common problems of the community.
(f) Improvement of economic conditions and general well-being as well as improvement of productivity by organizing short-duration training Programmes, orientation courses for providing vocational skill and by taking up linkage between continuing education and development activities.
(g) Provision of facilities for library and reading rooms for creating an environment conductive for literacy efforts and a learning society.
(h) Organization of cultural and recreating activities with effective community participation.

The training of Nodal Preraks & Preraks and other functionaries of Continuing Education Center is given by the Regional Resource Center, Pb. Univ. Chandigarh and Jan Shikshan Sansthan etc. to acquaint them with the latest knowledge to run the centers effectively.


Apart from the literacy, the learners are provided with free training in the following vocational courses:-
1. Sewing
2. Dress – Designing.
3. Embroidery
4. Bead work.
5. Bag work.
6. Carpet weaving.
7. Khes making.
8. Dyeing and printing.
9. Soap making.
10. Candle making.
11. Food preservation.
12. Kitchen gardening.
13. Health care and beauty culture.
14. Chalk making.
15. Electrical Goods – repair.
16. Artificial flower making.
17. Varnish & painting.
18. Automobile technology.
19. Structure and Fabrication.
20. Bakery and Confectionery.

The above mentioned courses are Income Generating Courses for them by which they earn money to raise their standard of living . This year 7640 learners have been benefited from these vocational courses.


The scheme of Continuing Education Project was started in 1999-2000.It is being 100% funded by Chandigarh Administration. At present it runs 190 Continuing Education Centers (CECs) to literate the illiterates of rural/slums dwellers of Chandigarh.


Every year, under this Programme the eligible learners who wish to appear in the regular exams are allowed to take part in the examination free of cost for the classes as deemed fit.


To facilitate the learners to come forward in the society in their day today life, Self Help Groups have been started for them to get loan from the bank to start their establishment in different fields for which they have already got the training. At present 150 Self Help Groups are functioning out of which 8 have got the loan facility from the bank.

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