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Efforts made for improving quality of education at elementary level under SSA:
  • To bring the PTR as desired level 728 posts of JBTs, 647 posts of TGTs and 15 posts of Head-Teachers have been sanctioned by MHRD under SSA till 2012-13. Out of which 645 JBTs & 577 TGTs and 9 head teachers are in working position as on 2nd July 2013.  
  •  Teaching/ Training modules for primary teachers provided to make classroom transactions more effective.
  • Training modules  on academic & administrative leadership provided to  Principals/ Heads of govt. schools
  • Teaching modules for teachers teaching upper primary classes in the subject of Hindi & Punjabi  given to all schools.
  • Source Books in the subject of Hindi for Classes I to V and EVS for Classes III to V provided to all schools.
  • Week wise academic plan containing suggestive activities provided to all teachers teaching primary classes.

    For ensuring reading with comprehension and inculcation of reading habits among primary graders, early literacy & reading Programmes started in all govt. school & children literature ( Barkha Series from NCERT& story booklets along with reading cards from Pratham Books Organization) provided to all schools.

  • Source books on assessment at primary level provided to all Govt. schools for implementation of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE).
  • Science & Maths kits distributed to all Primary & Upper Primary schools.
  • Language labs setup in 07 Govt. Schools at Elementary Level in collaboration with RIE, Chandigarh for improving writing, listening and speaking skills.
  • Social science labs setup in 20 Govt. Schools to create and maintain interest of students for exploration & historical facts.
  • Performance indicators for teachers, school heads & CRC coordinators rolled out.
In-Service Teacher Training
For improving teaching learning processes & for professional growth of teachers in-service teacher training to teachers teaching at elementary level imparted every year. Similarly, keeping in view the spirit of NCF-2005 & RTE Act capacity building Programme of school heads / principals, CRC & URC coordinators & resource group at cluster level is conducted.
In-service Trainings  conducted during year 2012-13
  •     1030 teachers teaching at elementary level imparted 10 days In-service teacher training
  •     148 members of cluster resource groups attended 02 days orientation Programme
  •     10 days In-Service training imparted to 20 CRC  & 05 URC
  •     96 school heads & principals attended  05 days capacity building training .
  •     543   teachers covered under 01 day monthly academic meets at cluster level.
Annual Grants
  • School Grant @ Rs.7,000/-per school for upper primary classes  & @ Rs.5000/- per school for Primary Classes
  • Teacher Grant @ Rs. 500/- per teacher provided  to all teachers teaching at elementary level
  • Maintenance grant @ Rs. 15,000/- per school till elementary classes.
Learning Enhancement Programme
  •     BaLA concept implemented in 73 Govt. schools at primary level for making the learning  a joyful experience till  2012-13.
  • Source books for classes I & II in the subject of Hindi, English & Maths provided to all govt. schools
  • Grant for sports & music equipment at elementary level
  • Exhibition, Quiz & other competitions organized at school level.
Resource material
  • Work book for class I & activity book for class II in the subjects of English, Hindi & Maths distributed to all students.
  • Activity sheets in the subject of Maths (English medium) for Classes III, IV and V, in English, for Class III and in Hindi for Classes III and IV provided to the students of all Govt. Schools.
  • Source / resource material procured from NCERT for upper primary classes & distributed to all Govt. schools.
        Free  Text  books
  • Free textbooks@ Rs.150/- per student at primary level & @ Rs.250/- per student students at upper   primary level provided under SSA.
        Computer Aided Learning:
  • Multimedia Rooms have been setup in 33 Govt. Schools for effective audio-video interactive teaching.
  • Computer Labs have been setup/ strengthened in 53 Govt. Schools till 2012-13, most of these labs are situated in govt. schools of rural areas & colonies.
  • Educational CDs developed by NCERT-New Delhi given to all Govt. Schools for multimedia teaching.
Inclusive Education
  •  5 Special Resource Centres are functioning in GSSS-38W, GMHS-28C, GSSS-15, GMSSS-8 and  GSSS-45 for providing remediation and therapeutic support to CWSN.
  •  17  Resource Teachers (Special Education) and 14 Volunteers for Home Based Education  are in position to cater to the needs of CWSN.
  •  4025 CWSN are  enrolled in regular  schools during 2012-13, 254 covered under Home Based Education.
  •  1088 CWSN provided supportive aids and appliances in convergence with Health Department, School Health Programme and ALIMCO.
  • 93 teachers imparted 10 days training on Inclusive Education, 40 teachers covered under 90 days Foundation Course on  Inclusive Education.
  Regular therapy camps organized at resource centre.
  •   227 CWSN provided transport allowance and 335 CWSN provided Escort Allowance  @ Rs. 3000/- per child per Annum.
  • In order to create awareness and generate acceptability among community members, ability search activities, excursions and summer camps organized during 2012-13,  thus, covering 1361 CWSN.
Early Childhood Care and Education   ( ECCE)
  • 10 Pre-Primary Classes  made Print Rich and colorful so as to make learning a joyful experience for students.
  •  200 Anganwadi workers imparted training on various Healths, Balanced diet & Early interventions for children with disabilities.
  •  96 Nursery teachers imparted 10 days capacity building training Programme with focus on various classroom activities related to development stages of the child.
Girls Education, SC related interventions
  •  4621 Girls and 2421 SC students taken for exposure visit to Science City, Kapurthala, so as to break the monotony of classroom teacher and to imbibe the scientific thinking.
  • Talks on Health, Hygiene and Adolescent issues organized for Girls enrolled in Upper Primary Classes.
  • Special Training Centres for OOSC: With the implementation of RTE Act 2009 special Training Centres have been running to comply with the provision of the Act. Special Training centres are to be set up to prepare out of school children for age appropriate class.
Non Residential Special Training Centres (NRSTC)
  •  NRSTC opened for children in the age group of 7-14 years, who are either never enrolled or they drop out before completing eight years of Elementary Education.
  •  217 Non Residential Special Training Centres  are running in  20 clusters covering 6052 children, out of these 06 NRSTC for Orphans Single Parents and street children at Snehalya in collaboration with Social Welfare Department & 02 NRSTCs for  girls in difficult circumstances  at Gurudwara BDC, Sector-26, Chandigarh
  • NRSTC opened   at Construction Site  in collaboration with Labour Department , UT, Chandigarh
  • 08 Special Training Centres opened for 197 OOSC at different  construction sites i.e.  Panjab University Campus, sector-51, 63 and Mauli Jagran.
  • These children were admitted in nearby schools. Infrastructure such as rooms, furniture, utensils etc. provided by the Contractor of construction sites and academic support & other facilities are being provided by SSA, UT Chandigarh.
  • Centre for children in Juvenile Justice  Home
  • 01 special training centre for 11 Juvenile , accused of criminal offenses is being run at Juvenile Justice Home, Sector-25 to motivate these children to continue studies.
  • The aim of this centre is to transform these children into good citizens so that their criminal past does not haunt them when they grow up and come out of the Juvenile Home.
Facilities provided to Non Residential Special Training Centres  During 2012-13
  •  Teaching Learning Material for Special Training  Teachers(STT).
  •  Teaching Modules of English, Hindi, Maths, EVS, Inclusive  Education, Health and hygiene.
  •  Worksheets and Condensed Courses for STC children.
  •  Attendance Incentives for having maximum attendance.
  • Skill Development.
  • Stationery (Pencils, exercise books, practice notebooks).
  •  Excursion trips.
  •  Rehabilitation counseling facilities to STC children  enrolled at Snehalya.
 Co-curricular activities.
  • Other activities undertaken for Special training Centers
  •   20 days Orientation Training to 222 Special Training Teachers organized for Updation of their skills and capacity building.
  •  2 days training/workshop of School Heads/Principals & CRCs organized in collaboration with Ed.CIL, New Delhi.
  • Quarterly workshop for 60 communities volunteer organized to review their performance and guide them for their duties regarding survey, identification & retention.
  • Relay of Jingle through Radio ( Parsaar Bharti) Nukkad Natak and Awareness Rallies for enrollment of OOSC.
Year Target Children No. of Children No. of STCs No. of children mainstreamed











 Community Training and Mass Mobilization

  • 3 days training Programme was conducted during 2012-13  in which 1575 SMCs members imparted and aware about their roles and responsibilities, child entitlement as per RTE Act and other aspects of SSA.
Media Activities under SSA:
Activities under  Shiksha Ka Haq Abhiyan (SKHA), Awareness drives/rallies on awareness of enrollment drives, Prizes given to students in Govt. Schools.
Stalls  put up at Leisure Valley ,  sec-10,  UT, Chandigarh for public awareness about SSA-RTE & distributed pamphlets.
Print literature for awareness generation.
Relay of Jingle through Radio ( Parsaar Bharti) Nukkad Natak and Awareness Rallies for enrollment of OOSC.